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NorthGlass contributes to the construction of Olympic Square

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The construction of the Olympic Square started in July 2017 and was recently completed. The project covers a total area of 19,070 square metres, with 14 floors above the ground and 1 floor underground. The maximum height of the building is about 65 metres. The internal functions are well distributed. Located on the first and second floors, the Olympic Museum is a place to experience Olympic philosophy and values. The conference room is on the third floor, and the offices are on the fourth to thirteenth floors. The fourteenth floor is a large conference room.

Under the reflection of blue sky and white clouds, the whole building appears to be shining, especially the curtain wall glass on the building. Its beautiful shape and lighting grant visitors a visual feast, while the surrounding parklands and trees form a delightful contrast, presenting the concept of “architecture and nature” perfectly.

As the outstanding glass supplier on the project, Tianjin NorthGlass is a new type of enterprise that produces high-quality extra-large toughened glass, laminated glass and printed glass. It is a professional supplier of world’s top architectural glass with advanced technology and professional research and development.

Japan is quite strict and constantly strives for perfection in quality and details. Most of the architectural glass in Japan is non-toughened float glass, which has high requirements for appearance quality, flatness and visual deformation. However, in order to ensure the safety of the glass curtain wall, this time toughened glass was used.

In the whole process of production and presentation, NorthGlass overcame all kinds of difficulties. After a number of attempts, it was finally positioned accurately and presented satisfactorily, which made the project have a unique sense of technology and temperament; simple and fashionable, elegant and classic.

Since 2012, glass products of NorthGlass have frequently appeared in Japan. NorthGlass has installed high-end deep processing glass in many flagship stores like Givenchy, Chanel, Gucci, Coca Cola Center and Louis Vuitton.

Although the 2020 Olympic Games will be postponed due to the impact of COVID-19, the sports spirit and dreams of peace it carries will still shine throughout the world. Hopefully the crisis will clear up soon and everyone can find the true meaning of health and happiness in their ordinary lives, and pursue higher, faster and stronger goals in their respective fields.

Source: www.northglass.globalAuthor: shangyi

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