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When Art Meets Glass | NorthGlass

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NorthGlass is building a new Welcome Center for Denver Art Museum

Design Architect: Machado Silvetti

Architect of Record: Fentress Architects

Structural Engineer: MartinMartin

Mechanical Engineer: ME Engineers, Inc.

Lighting Design: Buro Happold Engineering

Acoustics, AV/IT: K2 Audio

General Contractor: Saunders Construction

Facade Sub-contractor: Harmon Innovative Facade Solutions

Facade Design & Engineering: Sentech Architectural Systems

Glass Fabricator: Tianjin Northglass

In a list of top designers and construction companies, Tianjin Northglass, as the only Chinese supplier, appears in the list of suppliers of Denver Art Museum which is located in Colorado, the United States.

The new Welcome Center project undertook by Tianjin Northglass is located between Hamilton Building and the North Building of the museum, as the main entrance of gallery and education project, is a joint project of museum, aimed to revitalize the North Building designed by famous Italian architect Gio Ponti, to strengthen the connection between various functional areas of the museum and to improve the tourist facilities so as to revitalize the museum.

When Art Meets Glass | NorthGlass

The new Welcome Center is an independent elliptical space that cantilevers over the ground. The all-glass facade provides a broad view around the cultural center and the facade of oversized curved tempered glass creates an elegant surface ripple. The objects around the building reflect on the curved glass and flash a very dreamlike visual effect, creating a new experience.

When Art Meets Glass | NorthGlass

"The oval glass curtain wall will be used as a structural support for the new welcome center building, which is a pioneer in North America. There are 52 glass panels in the oval curtain wall, each of which is 25 feet high and 8 feet wide."

According to Denver Art Museum, "the welcome center forms a sharp arc contrast with Hamilton House on the opposite side of the street, with sufficient natural lighting. Whether you are inside or outside the building, no matter where you stand, you can have a unique view through the 52 curved glass surfaces of the oval structure. "

When Art Meets Glass | NorthGlass

Denver is a beautiful city and is known as “The Mile-High City”. Considering the characteristics of high altitude and strong sunlight in this area, the new Welcome Center adopts 2.5mx7.5m oversized tempered laminated triple-silver Low-E insulated glass, which ensures the energy saving effect of large glass panel to the maximum.

When Art Meets Glass | NorthGlass

At the foot of the Rocky Mountain, the Denver art museum was founded in the 1990s. The original design elements are fused with the new technics of NorthGlass super glass, reaching the high level of architectural aesthetics. Today, the Denver Art Museum is the newest, the highest and the most modern art museum in the United States.

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